Welcome to e2etrace

e2etrace is a Java framework for end-to-end tracing functionality. It allows you to collect isolated trace data for every service call your application processes. The trace statements are not simply logged one after the other in a log-file but collected and stored in a trace tree. In contrast to individual log entries in one giant log file the trace tree gives you an immediate understanding whats going on in your system. The framework offers various formatters that are able to dump trace trees in different formats to output streams (e.g. files, console). Additionally you may serialize trace trees to remote client-applications. This allows you to track service calls that span multiple, distributed components. If you want learn more about the philosophy and concepts of e2etrace, check-out the functional overview.


The current release of e2etrace is V1.4.3 e2etrace is available as ready-to-use install archive and as source code distribution in the download area.


e2etrace is open source. The software is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Getting started

If you think e2etrace is worth trying out, you´ll find an explanation of how to install, configure and use it in the user guide.