Class DefaultTraceConfig

  extended by org.e2etrace.config.DefaultTraceConfig
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DefaultTraceConfig
extends Object
implements ITraceConfig

Default implementation of the e2etrace configuration.

This implementation returns the following default values for all configuration settings:

The default implementation is used by e2etrace if no explicit configuration is set by the user (see ITraceSessionManager.setConfig(ITraceConfig)).

Gunther Popp

Constructor Summary
          Default constructor.
Method Summary
 boolean isTraceEnabled()
          Is tracing enabled at all?
 boolean isTraceEnabledForId(ITraceStepId id)
          Is tracing enabled for the given trace step id?
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultTraceConfig()
Default constructor.

Method Detail


public boolean isTraceEnabled()
Is tracing enabled at all?

If this method returns false e2etrace does not collect any trace information. All potential time consuming methods of e2etrace will immediately return.

Specified by:
isTraceEnabled in interface ITraceConfig
true / false


public boolean isTraceEnabledForId(ITraceStepId id)
Is tracing enabled for the given trace step id?

If this method returns false for the given id, e2etrace does not collect any trace information for this specific trace id. Basically, this reduces the amount of collected data but not the general overhead of the trace mechanismn itself. Note: If tracing is disabled for a trace session id, no trace data will be collected for the complete session.

Specified by:
isTraceEnabledForId in interface ITraceConfig
id - the trace id
true / false

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