Package org.e2etrace.trace

Contains the core functionality of e2etrace.


Interface Summary
ITraceSession A trace session manages all trace steps for a single service call.
ITraceSessionManager Manages the trace sessions of the current application.
ITraceStep Every monitored step in a service call is represented by a trace step.
ITraceStepFactory Factory for ITraceStep instances.
ITraceStepId Unique ID for a trace step within a trace session.

Class Summary
AbstractTraceSessionManager Base class for all trace session manager implementations.
AbstractTraceStep Abstract base class for trace steps.
AbstractTraceStepId Base class for trace step ids.
DefaultTraceSession Default-Implementation of a trace session.
DefaultTraceSessionManager Default implementation of a trace session manager.
DefaultTraceStep Default ITraceStep implementation.
DefaultTraceStepFactory Default Factory class for trace steps.
MethodTraceStepId Trace step id for single methods.
NoopTraceSession NOOP implementation of a trace session (does nothing).
SimpleTraceStepId Implements a simple, string-based trace step id.
ThreadedTraceSessionManager Thread-Aware implementation of a trace session manager.
TraceSessionRootStep Root trace step for ITraceSession.
TraceSessionRootStepId Trace step id for session root steps.

Package org.e2etrace.trace Description

Contains the core functionality of e2etrace.

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